Get some help to Build & Manage your Wealth

Number two in the big three.

Building and managing your wealth is something you are doing everyday, you just may not realise it.

Your income, the tax you pay and the way you spend money, manage your loans, contribute to superannuation and invest all affect your wealth.

Wealth building and management does not have to be complex to be effective, it just has to achieve your financial and lifestyle aspirations, for now and the future.

Whatever your financial aspirations, you will need money. Our intention is to provide you with guidance for building and managing your wealth and achieving your lifestyle goals, which includes engaging specialist advisors when the time is right.

This often means discussing the relevant options when making financial decisions. This could be buying a home or investment property, buying shares or any other type of investment, contributing money to superannuation, salary packaging, reducing tax or managing personal finances.

We often get asked “What is the best investment?” It’s a very loaded question to which the shortest and probably most correct response will be “What are you trying to achieve?”

The best investment will be the one that helps you achieve what you are trying to do. Before even contemplating investing you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I trying to achieve?
  • Why am I investing?
  • What time frame do I want to invest for?
  • When do I need to access the money I am investing?
  • How much can I afford to invest?
  • What risks am I willing to accept?
  • Can I afford to lose money?
  • Does the investment I am choosing meet my requirements?
  • Do I understand the implications of this type of investment?

These are just a few of the questions you may consider when you make your investment decisions.

Perhaps the most important decision to make, when you are investing, is the decision to get some advice and guidance and who to choose to get that guidance from.

Here’s a little tip on investment advice, “Don’t make the decision to engage an advisor based on price alone, try to understand the value”.

If you are interested in exploring investment options that might be available to you, then we would be more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of different options.  All you need to do is be able to answer the first 7 questions above.