The Big Three – The Rest of Your Financial Life!

We don’t suggest that we have all of the answers to financial success.  However, there are three things that, if you do them and do them well, will have a big impact on the rest of your financial life.

The big financial choices we all make seem to be buying a house or investment property, taking out a mortgage and once our tax is complete personal finances easily take a back seat for another year.

But what about other big picture stuff? What is it that you should know now that in the future you will be glad you found out about rather than lamenting the opportunities lost over time?

Number one in the Big Three – Personal Financial Management

We all have a budget, some are just more structured than others.  I prefer to call it personal financial management.

If you can manage your personal finances well, you are more likely to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. Think about the last time you got a pay rise, or the income you were on when you first started working. Are you much better off now than before, even though you are earning more…

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Number two in the Big Three – Get some help to Build & Manage your Wealth

Building and managing your wealth is something you are doing everyday, you just may not realise it.

Your income, the tax you pay and the way you spend money, manage your loans, contribute to superannuation and invest all affect your wealth.

Wealth building and management does not have to be complex to be effective, it just has to achieve your financial and lifestyle aspirations, for now and the future…

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The final installment in the Big Three – Protect yourself, your family and your wealth.

Yes we are talking about insurance.  I have never met anyone who likes paying insurance.  However, I would bet that there are a number of people out there, you may even know one, who is glad that they did pay for it.

Sadly, there are probably a lot more who regret not ever taking the option to protect themselves…

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