Home & Investment Property Loan Advice

Getting the best outcome takes knowledge and understanding and means taking into consideration a number of factors

You can go and get a loan anywhere, any lender, any broker. But, all you will get is just a loan.  

Or you can work with us, fully qualified accountants and credit advisors, to help you understand the options available and ensure you get the right outcome for your circumstances. 

There is no cost to our services when we help arrange your finance. The benefit you receive may tally into the tens of thousands of dollars…. just  like Malcolm & Jenny (see below)…..

Convenience is great when it relates to getting something to eat when you are in a hurry, doing some grocery shopping close to home or checking in prior to arriving at the airport.

When you are borrowing money or buying a house, that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, then convenience may not necessarily be the thing to have at the top of your priority list.

Not if you truly want the best outcome.

Getting the best outcome takes knowledge and understanding and means taking into consideration a number of factors, including:

  • What you are doing with the loan
  • What your future plans are that may affect the loan
  • Your personal & investment cashflow
  • Your personal Tax
  • Your investment aspirations
  • Your lifestyle  goals

That’s just the start. To do all of that means talking to someone who is more than just a “lending professional”. It means working with someone who can discuss, formulate and implement strategies that help you get the right outcome.

As I said before, you can get a loan anywhere, what you can’t get anywhere is the right guidance and skill set to help establish and implement a strategy.

It’s one thing to have an idea or a strategy in mind, it’s another thing entirely to implement it in the right way to get the best outcome for you.

Like my friend Malcolm (not his real name). Malcolm and I have been friends for over fifteen years. Around five years ago he was buying a house with his then girlfriend, Jenny (not her real name either).

Malcolm and Jenny had arranged their own finance with the lender they had been banking with for many years.

I told them at the time that the loan they had from the bank looked good, although there was a way they could get the loan and avoid thousands in mortgage insurance, advice which they took. Apart from that I would not have changed anything with the loan.

What I did do was give Malcolm and Jenny some advice regarding the purchase they were making, ensuring they had the right ownership structure and making sure they had the right loan in place for the purchase.

In our discussions Malcolm and Jenny had indicated that their future intention was to keep the property as an investment when they upgraded to a new home. No-one at the bank had asked about this, or any other future intentions, when they set up their loan.  They subsequently took our advice and we helped implement an appropriate ownership structure.

The advice we gave did not cost them any more to implement but, it did put them in a position to save tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the future.

Fast forward a few years and Malcolm and Jenny are married, have two young children and are ready to move into a new, bigger, home.

Again, they were able to arrange finance for the new purchase with their existing lender, but….

Although the strategy we implemented five years ago is ready to be taken advantage of, the “lending professional” at the bank has not been able to take full advantage of the strategy.  In fact, if Malcolm and Jenny followed through with the banks instructions they would have missed out on over $50,000 in savings.

Luckily, we have been able to point this out and the right loan structure is going to be put in place, this time by us.

As we said before, the loans that were set up by the bank for Malcolm and Jenny were completely fine.  But all they got was just a loan, the advice and guidance we were able to give them has saved them thousands (on two occasions) simply by looking at their situation as more than just another loan and property transaction.

If all you want is a loan then you don’t need to talk to us. However, you can be like Malcolm and Jenny and possibly save hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Our Assistance Includes:

  • Preparation and Lodgement of Loan Applications
  • Loan Restructuring, Debt Consolidation and Re-financing
  • Tax effective loan structures
  • Pre-purchase property reviews for tax, cash-flow, ownership and loan outcomes
  • Tax Returns (including property)
  • Personal Accounting and Income Tax Advice
  • Preparation and Lodgement of Income Tax Variations
  • Cash-flow Management for Property Portfolios
  • Guidance when purchasing a property for home or investment
  • Property Portfolio Reviews
  • Guidance on property ownership

Our credit advisors are authorised to provide credit assistance, Australian Credit Licence 387087